Melbourne Tomonkai

About the Melbourne Tomonkai

The Melbourne Tomonkai was established in 1983 and is an active organization led by a gentlemanly Chairperson Yasuhiro Nihashi . We consistently have 40 to 50 members of both genders and all ages, including students on a study abroad program, from young to elderly expatriates, and permanent residents.

We hold events unique to Australia throughout the year, including outdoor activities such as golf competitions and barbecues in Melbourne, which is rich in greenery, and squid fishing in the Mornington Peninsula. We also hold dinner parties enjoying dishes from various countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, or Greece, as well as China and Korea, while enjoying the Australian wine.

As most of the members are students or expatriates, the members “change from year to year, Meet and part with youth’s delight.” However, in a city such as Melbourne which is as far as 8,000 kilometers from Tokyo, the bonds among Waseda alumni are passed along to future generations. Please visit the Facebook page of the Melbourne Tomonkai for more details.
Koichi Wakabayashi (Graduated in 1993, School of Science and Engineering)

Barbecue party in the summer (March)

The attractive points of Melbourne

Melbourne is the capital city of the state of Victoria in Australia, which won the first place for six consecutive years in the ranking for “the world’s most livable cities” compiled by the Economist, a British magazine. Melbournians (people who were born and grew up in Melbourne) are proud of the city for this reason. The city is characterized by the beauty that comes from not only the parks rich in greenery but also the combination of architectures that still has the atmosphere of the 19th century and buildings that are modern. World-class competitions including those of tennis, F1, surfing, horse racing, MotoGP, and golf are held throughout the year. We can enjoy fashion as well, as we have four seasons like Japan. There are many theaters and museums, and we can say that this city is culturally mature.

The state of Victoria has the largest number of wineries (about 600) in Australia. If you drive for just about two hours, you can visit various wineries. You can enjoy dishes that go with wines in restaurants, and Melbourne is a city loved by gourmets. In the suburbs, you can see wild kangaroos, emus, and if you are lucky, koalas.
Naoto Ueda (Graduated in 2009, School of Social Sciences)

The Flinders Street Station, the symbol of Melbourne

You can enjoy patting kangaroos in the zoo

Message from the Chairperson

I was transferred to Melbourne five years ago, and became a member of the Melbourne Tomonkai. This is the third overseas Tomonkai I have joined after the Toronto Tomonkai and the Singapore Tomonkai.

When you are assigned to an overseas office, you will be able to mingle with various kinds of people who you would never have met if you were to stay in Japan. You will have the chance to meet people regardless of the company or the industry, and these encounters will become a precious experience. Like at other Tomonkais, at the Melbourne Tomonkai again I had a chance to meet new people with whom I was brought back to the old university days, which makes such encounters unique. These people are of various ages but share the same pride in being a Waseda alumnus.

I hear that former members of the Melbourne Tomonkai have established the Tokyo Melbourne Tomonkai and are regularly having gatherings. I hope that the ties established through the Melbourne Tomonkai will not be broken and will be extended further in the future.
Yasuhiro Nihashi (Graduated in 1981, School of Law)

Messages from the Members

I came to Melbourne in 2015 as the first expatriates from my company. I was worried about many things at first as this is my first overseas assignment; however, I do not feel loneliness and am enjoying both my private and professional life in Australia thanks to the Melbourne Tomonkai. I feel Waseda is closer to me now than when I was in Japan. The Melbourne Tomonkai is the best!
Norifumi Shimizu (Graduated in 2007, School of Commerce)

Almost ten years have passed since I came to Melbourne to work for Monash University. The first thing I did when I came to Melbourne where there was no one I knew was to look for a local Tomonkai. At the first gathering I attended, I was assigned to be in charge of the name list. Afterwards, I was asked to help making polo shirts, caps , and other activities. Getting involved in these activities, I met many more people, and I am still enjoying my life in Melbourne.
Kei Saito (Graduated in 2000, School of Science and Engineering, Graduated in 2002 and 2004, Graduate School of Science and Engineering)

Melbourne is a sophisticated city and is also a comfortable city to live in, where you will come to understand why it is called “the world’s most livable city.” It is famous for its coffee culture and gourmet food, and you will be able to happily enjoy authentic dishes from all over the world including not only European dishes but also Asian, African, or Central and South American dishes. I am looking forward to receiving you as a member of the Melbourne Tomonkai.
Katsunori Kushibe (Graduated in 1996, School of Education)

Melbourne is the most pro-Japanese city in Australia. Although immigrants come from various countries throughout the world, the Japanese language is still popular, and people study Japanese in junior and senior secondary schools, and college. The city has a grid design and you can also enjoy alleys. The people here are friendly and have a great sense of humor. Mountains and beaches are nearby. I recommend Melbourne as the destination for your family trip, working holiday, and study abroad!
Yoshie (Ogishima) Asahara (Graduated in 1993, School of Human Sciences)

A year and a half has already passed since I started living in Melbourne, where there was no one I knew. During that time, I have had a very good time with the members of the Melbourne Tomonkai. I listened to precious advice from the seniors and hopes for the future from the students on a study abroad program, and I enjoyed having a drink with the people who are about my age. I truly have pleasant memories. I would like to continue to cooperate with the members to make the Tomonkai even more active!
Kota Abe (Graduated in 2008, School of Human Sciences)

The school song and the cheerleading club’s songs occasionally sung at the gatherings of the Melbourne Tomonkai immediately take me back to my university days, turning back time to my graduation nearly half a century ago. We have a wonderful time each time, being reminded of “our home for heart and will, School, with kind maternal care!” This is something you cannot expect from any gatherings other than those of the Tomonkai. Hurrah for Waseda, hurrah for the Melbourne Tomonkai!
Shintaro Nakagawa (Graduated in 1970, School of Science and Engineering)

The Twelve Apostles formed through erosion by waves and winds

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