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About the Jakarta Tomonkai

Jakarta Tomonkai is about to mark the 50th anniversary since its official establishment in November 1975. The number of its members now exceeds 125, sharply up from 60 in 2011 when Tomonkai was featured in the magazine “Waseda Gakuho” by the alumni association. The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has forced Jakarta Tomonkai to cut back on its regular activities such as social gatherings, year-end parties and golf tournaments. However, we exchanged information on vaccinations, hospital vacancies and other COVID-related matters, and realized the value of Tomonkai’s strong camaraderie.

One of our major events, a Waseda vs. Keio golf tournament, brings together 32 players from each team and is held twice a year -- in spring and autumn -- just like the intercollegiate Tokyo Big6 Baseball League. The members compete in real earnest in their original uniforms for the honor of their respective universities and for the privilege of singing their school song during the closing ceremony, a privilege that is granted only to the winning team. Since the mid-2000s, Tomonkai has won 10 consecutive games, while Mitakai (Keio University’s alumni network) won the following 10 games in a row through the spring of 2018. Tomonkai interrupted the rival’s winning streak in the autumn and then won three straight matches, after which all the tournaments had been cancelled due to the pandemic. I, along with other members of Tomonkai, am looking forward to the day when we can sing our school song again, with our arms around each other’s shoulders.
Tsutsumi Takatoshi (Graduated from School of Political Science and Economics in 1995)

In Waseda vs. Keio golf tournaments, Tomonkai has won 3 straight matches.

The attractive points of Jakarta

Indonesia, the world’s largest island nation, is home to some 270 million people and is known for its tropical climate with its capital of Jakarta being located almost right on the equator.

The majority of Indonesia’s population identify themselves as Muslims and mosques are situated all over its cities and towns. The Islamic call to prayer, “adhan (or azan),” can be heard from the mosques at certain times of the day.

People in Indonesia are generally cheerful and generous. They are also very friendly to foreign residents apparently reflecting the official national motto “Unity in Diversity.” Such character helps ease the anxiety that we sometimes feel at work and in our private lives overseas.

I have no doubt that investments and the economy as a whole will continue to grow in Indonesia, a gigantic market with a large number of consumers, although the pace has slightly slowed down amid the pandemic.

Indonesia is also a country that never bores its residents, boasting a myriad of attractive tourist destinations such as Bali and historical remains on Java, and you can enjoy playing golf and doing numerous other activities.

Morimoto Yu (Graduated from School of Science and Engineering in 2007)

You can see both skyscrapers and single-story buildings in town.

Borobudur Temple, a Buddhist monument, on Java is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Message from the Chairperson

Looking back on my school years, I had nothing in particular to worry about and was living an enjoyable life. Soon after graduating, I joined a construction company and worked on building sites for 13 years (including a two-year training program in the United States) until I left the company. I was engaged in construction of the Holiday Inn, a hotel with 400 rooms, in Kuwait, for which a South Korean construction firm received the order, as an advisor for two years from 1979. I have lived in Indonesia for more than 40 years since May 1982, and served as chairperson of Jakarta Tomonkai since 1992.

Our main activities include Waseda vs. Keio golf tournaments, Christmas events, and dinner parties (Kome-kome Kai), but unfortunately, many of them were cancelled because of the pandemic over the past two years.

We will provide support to those who will graduate and those who are set to be transferred to Indonesia. Tomonkai’s management teams are all waiting for your inquiry!
Abe Takeshi (Graduated from School of Science and Engineering Ⅰ in 1966)

A party to celebrate the 80th birthday of Chairperson Abe, our emotional pillar, was held in October 2021.

Messages from the Members

I lived in Guatemala, a Central American nation, in the mid-2000s, and the total number back then of Japanese citizens including residents fell short of 100. So, at first I was overwhelmed by the size and enthusiasm of Jakarta Tomonkai. Although its members change on a regular basis due to transfers of expatriates and their families, I reacknowledge the honor of being their alumni, relishing the value of our school song, “Her students change from year to year, Meet and part with youth’s delight.” I find my life here in Indonesia so fulfilling.
Tsutsumi Takatoshi (Graduated from School of Political Science and Economics in 1995)

Recommended by a colleague also alumni, I made my debut in a golf tournament during the second year after I moved to Indonesia. I felt nervous during the debut match but achieved incredibly high scores that even exceeded what I think was my real ability. I became confident and am now organizing golf events with the spirit of progressivism.

I find it truly fascinating that we can have a sense of security and a sense of unity and create a social network with Tomonkai members, by sharing our time and experience abroad.

If you are transferred to Indonesia, please join us. We are looking forward to hearing from you!
Toriihara Junji (Graduated from School of Science and Engineering in 1995)

Soon after I arrived in Jakarta in January 2020, COVID-19 started to spread across the country. While having difficulty in building a local social network, Jakarta Tomonkai gave me the opportunity to interact with people of different ages from diverse fields. I was grateful for the opportunity and realized that Waseda alumni are strongly connected through Tomonkai. Golf tournaments with other universities and all other events will unlikely be held for a while due to the pandemic, but I will continue to practice on my own, looking forward to the day when we can play together again.
Kasai Hiroshi (Graduated from School of Commerce in 2009 and Graduate School of Business and Finance in 2018)

Members thoroughly enjoyed a party held after Tomonkai halted its losing streak at 10 in a golf tournament against Mitakai in the autumn of 2018.

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