The Waseda University
Alumni Association

More than 130 years walking hand in hand with the university. Waseda’s alumni are its pride and its lifeblood. Your bond with Waseda will always be there. This network keeps the Waseda spirit alive and binds us together.

Since 1885, the year after the first graduating class of Waseda University, the Waseda University Alumni Association (WUAA) has been expanding throughout Japan and around the world.

All graduates of Waseda University, Art and Architecture School, and Kawaguchi Art School become registered members of the Waseda University Alumni Association (WUAA) upon graduation or completion of their studies. There is no concept of joining or resigning. (Current undergraduate school/graduate school students are associate members.) The Alumni Association Member Rules state, “Members must pay a fixed amount of dues.” It also states, “The alumni association will mainly serve members who have paid dues,” so dues-paying members will be eligible to receive a wider range of services.
The WUAA is managed by alumni. Also, all of you can contribute to the management of the university by participating in the WUAA. We encourage you to make use of the worldwide alumni network.

Established December 13, 1885: Established as an alumni organization of Waseda University
(Alumni Association Rules, Section 1, Paragraph 2)
  • 1To encourage deeper relationships between alumni
  • 2To maintain and develop the relationship between members and Waseda University
  • 3To provide financial aid for Waseda University’s projects
Chairperson President of Waseda University
Member status
  • Full members: Waseda University graduates, faculty/staff alumni, specially recommended alumni, and honorary doctors
  • Associate members: Those belonging to Waseda University’s undergraduate schools or graduate schools
  • Parent members: Parents of full members or associate members
    * Waseda University graduates are also called alumni. Upon graduation, they automatically become full members of the Waseda University Alumni Association.
    * Those who are already full members cannot become associate members or parent members.
Number of members About 670,000 (excluding deceased alumni) (as of April 2022)