The Waseda University Alumni Association (WUAA) plans and holds a variety of events to deepen connections between graduates and bring back memories of their alma mater. We hope you’ll bring your friends and family members to visit the university with you.

Major Events

Homecoming Day +

Homecoming Day is an event where graduates come together to mark milestone years after their graduation. It is held every year in October. Eligible graduates will receive an invitation in the mail from the university.

  • 150 years after graduation
  • 245 years after graduation
  • 335 years after graduation
  • 425 years after graduation
  • 515 years after graduation
  • 6Those from other graduating classes who enrolled at the same time as [1] to [5]

Graduates of 51 years or more are absolutely welcome to attend, but invitations are no longer sent after the 50-year mark.

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Tomonsai +

The Tomonsai is an event hosted by the Tomonsai Implementation Committee (Waseda University Alumni Association-affiliated organization). It is the WUAA’s biggest festival, and it is open to all alumni regardless of graduating class. The event is full of fun, with plans by notable alumni, the Tomon music festival, refreshment booths, and more. It is held every year on the same day as Waseda University’s Homecoming Day. Waseda graduates, current students, their parents, and anyone who wants can participate.

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Tomonkai Welcome Party +

Every year, the Waseda University Alumni Association (WUAA) hosts the Tomonkai Welcome Party, a WUAA event to welcome the new graduates to the organization and celebrate their graduation. It’s an exciting event, with speeches from alumni guests, the presentation of the Tokon Award by the Tomonkai, the introduction of the annual committee, and more.

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Annual Tomonkai 5-Year Reunion +

The Waseda University Alumni Association holds an alumni gathering for those celebrating the five year anniversary of their graduation, called the Annual Tomonkai 5-Year Reunion. Parties are planned mainly by the Annual Tomonkai Committee. We hope you enjoy spending time with old friends on this weekend afternoon. Feel free to bring your family along!

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Annual Tomonkai 10-Year Reunion +

The Annual Tomonkai holds an alumni gathering for those celebrating the ten-year anniversary of their graduation, called the Annual Tomonkai 10-Year Reunion. We hope you have a good time with old friends at this event.
* Each Annual Tomonkai has a different timing and location.

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