Hong Kong Tomonkai

About the Hong Kong Tomonkai

Established before World War II, the Hong Kong Tomonkai has a very long history. Today the institution has more than 200 members. Owing to the existence of the Hong Kong Tomonkai Tokyo Branch, which comprises Hong Kong Tomonkai members, members can keep in touch with us after returning to Japan.

As COVID-19 restrictions have been significantly eased from last year here in Hong Kong, we were able to hold in-person events for the first time in three years, such as an annual general meeting, the Keio-Waseda joint party, and the Christmas party. We are also looking forward to restarting golf competitions in the near future.

We hold a Christmas party every year as an event where families of members can participate easily. There are party games which children can also enjoy and “lucky drawings” that offer prizes, so that families can feel the charm of the Tomonkai. The prizes are donated by many of our members who are involved in various industries and businesses.

Many events have been emerged from the Tomonkai, including gatherings for younger members and women’s gatherings for Keio and Waseda alumnae, as well as gatherings where members who met each other at the Tomonkai deepen their friendship.
Masaki Miyazawa (Graduated in 2004, School of Political Science and Economics)

Christmas party in 2022 was held in person for the first time in three years, with Santa Claus attending it, too!

The attractive points of Hong Kong

In 1979, several years after my graduation, I was transferred to an office in Hong Kong. I was caught in the city’s magical charms and decided to settle here permanently. As they say “Urban air makes you free,” Hong Kong, a British colony back then, was under the laissez-faire (“leave it alone”) colonial policy and the freedom and thrill in the busy movement of people, things, and money was incomparable to that of Japan. Hong Kong was a city-state marked by liberal and aggressive commercialism, with an unmatched history in Asia. Even today, Hong Kong’s remarkable history remains an enduring attraction that brings people to Hong Kong.

Furthermore, Hong Kong’s location stands out in terms of geopolitics, as it has good access to emerging Asian countries and allows an enormous and free flow of everything — people, things, and finance. Hence, the city has nurtured an amazing food culture and produced the flow of commerce and people that is always updated.

The Hong Kong Tomonkai has watched the city since before WWII. While Waseda University’s alma mater says, “Her students change from year to year / Meet and part with youth’s delight,” I think it is safe to say that our beloved Hong Kong city is an object of unparalleled fascination for Waseda University students and alumni.
Takeshi Ohtsuka (Graduated in 1977, School of Education)

The sunrise seen from the Victoria Peak

Lunar New Year decorations at The Peninsula Hong Kong

Message from the Chairperson

One of the characteristics of the Hong Kong Tomonkai is the diversity of members. Members with different backgrounds gather together surpassing the boundaries of age, nationality, and occupation, ranging from Waseda University alumni to current students studying in universities in Hong Kong. Such intermingling appears to embody Hong Kong, the international city with great diversity where people from countries with different cultures have been accepting each other and together making the city prosperous.

Since Hong Kong is an international city, former members of the Hong Kong Tomonkai are active around the world. In the 2020 annual general meeting, which was held online for the first time due to the COVID-19 pandemic, former members participated from Japan, China, the United States, Singapore, Germany, and other countries around the world, and the meeting ended up being a great alumni reunion. Also, we actively interact with relevant people of Keio University, our long-time rival university, through golf competitions and joint parties.

“Her students change from year to year / Meet and part with youth’s delight”
The bond created by fun activities of the Hong Kong Tomonkai and Hong Kong will continue to attract many Waseda University alumni in the future.
Kenichirou Washikita (Graduated in 1987, School of Political Science and Economics)

Messages from the Members

I was assigned to Hong Kong in November 2021, and it was the first time I was transferred abroad as an expatriate. I had many concerns in the COVID 19-hit Hong Kong and joined the Hong Kong Tomonkai because I wanted to collect information about local life and expand my network with Japanese communities in the city. I participated in a summer evening event, a get-together party, and a Keio-Waseda joint party. Through these events, I was able to interact with people of various backgrounds, careers, and ages in this foreign country, which was a valuable and enjoyable experience for me. I am really glad I joined the Hong Kong Tomonkai.
KAMJAIPAI Kulvij (Graduated with a master’s degree in 2006, Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies)

Glasses were quickly drained one after another with joyous cries of “So-re!,” a scene at the Keio-Waseda joint party that surprised me a little. A few months later, I was dressed up as a reindeer and cheerfully giving away presents. I could feel the warm atmosphere that accepted a wide variety of people, the Waseda spirit that has been inherited through generations, alongside the presence of powerful and kind senior members who are active in various fields probably because it was the Hong Kong Tomonkai. I will leave Hong Kong in several months. I hope the Tomonkai will further develop and my juniors will have precious, one-of-a-kind experiences here at the Tomonkai.
Jiang Yiyou (Graduated in 2014, School of Political Science and Economics)

I married my Hong Kongese husband in 2016, and we have lived together for seven years. The Keio-Waseda joint party was the first Hong Kong Tomonkai event in which I participated, and then I joined subsequent events. I really enjoyed the hiking on Lamma Island, although the next day my muscles hurt so badly because of the unfamiliar exercises. All these are good memories now.
Yuriko Akikusa (Graduated in 2009, School of Letters, Arts and Sciences Ⅰ)

I was transferred as an expatriate to Hong Kong and soon joined the Hong Kong Tomonkai. I was a member of the Tohoku Gakusei Tomonkai comprised of people from the same region when I was a student and a member of the Seattle Tomonkai when I studied in the United States. Hence, I felt a sense of familiarity with the Tomonkai and believed that it would help me build networks. Especially in foreign countries that are new to me, the Tomonkai is of great help as I can connect with many seniors. I always think Waseda University is a great university.
Hiromu Yamagata (Graduated in 2017, International Liberal Studies)

About 110 people attended the Keio-Waseda joint party.

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