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Using Waseda-net online portal

Using Waseda-net online portal after graduation

 You can continue to use the same ID for Waseda-net ID as when you were in school for life. Your Waseda-net portal will be switched into services for Alumni, so graduating students must be sure to configure as follows:

A. Necessary Procedures [Important]

(1) Confirmation of personal data (March graduates from April and September graduates from October.)
Please change your status into "Alumni" using the pull-down menu to the right of your name that is displayed after logging into Waseda-net online portal. Afterwards, confirm and register your personal data.

  1. Choose "Edit" from the "My Profile" menu
  2. Check displayed contents. Reenter if there are any incorrect or inadequate information, and leave as it is if correct. Press the "submit" button
  3. Check displayed contents again. If correct, press the "Send" button
  4. Close the window
* Please be sure to press the "submit" button even if you do not make any modifications.

(2) Configuration of Waseda-net online portal's mail forwarding
You can use your e-mail spool for three months after graduation as a transitional period. However, your e-mail spool will be deleted in July for March graduates and in January for September graduates, and your Waseda-net ID will be changed into "forwarding e-mail address with sending function". Please log in and perform the following task by the appointed date (by June 30 for March graduates, by December 31 for September graduates):
*2. You will be able to use your e-mail spool after graduation if you continue on to Waseda University graduate school.

  1. Configuration of mail forwarding destination
    Setting method
  2. E-mail evacuation that are saved in spool
  3. Web-based account address book evacuation
    Please refer to the "export function" of the web-based account address book
•What is the forwarding e-mail address service?
It is a service that forwards e-mails which arrive at your Waseda-net ID to designated addresses. Please be sure to configure your mail forwarding destination or important e-mails cannot be sent.
•What is an e-mail spool?
E-mail spool is storage space for delivered e-mails. You cannot send or receive any e-mails if your e-mail spool is deleted because there is no more storage space for sent or received e-mails.
Waseda-net ID and password is a way for the system to certify that whether the user is valid or not. If your password is found out by others, ID theft may occur and the ID owner may be held responsible for any actions taken under their account. You are required to be careful in managing your password. Please change your initial password promptly and we advise you to change it on a regular basis.

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