Waseda Alumni

Overseas Tomonkai

Overseas Tomonkai

Alumni groups which are organized and managed voluntarily by alumni of Waseda University are called "Tomonkai". The alumni network of Waseda is worldwide.

There are overseas branches in Korea and in Taiwan, and overseas Tomonkais around the world.

In addition, there are Tomonkais organized by alumni who have returned to Japan after living abroad.

List of Overseas Branches and Registered Overseas Tomonkais (as of April, 2013)

Overseas Branches
Alumni Association in Taiwan Alumni Association in Korea
Overseas Tomonkai
India Tomonkai Singapore Tomonkai 
Indonesia Tomonkai Jakarta Tomonkai
Taipei Tomonkai  Bangkok Tomonkai
Manila Tomonkai Kuala Lumpur Tomonkai
Saigon City Tomonkai Hanoi Tomonkai
Seoul Tomonkai Dalian Tomonkai
Hong Kong Tomonkai  Kanan (South China) Tomonkai
Shanghai Tomonkai  Beijing Tomonkai
Tehran Tomonkai Egypt Tomonkai
Vienna Tomonkai UK Tomonkai
Genève Tomonkai Stockholm Tomonkai
Spain Tomonkai Frankfurt Tomonkai
Düsseldorf Tomonkai Berlin Tomonkai
Paris Tomonkai Belgium Tomonkai
Moscow Tomonkai Netherlands Tomonkai
Oregon Tomonkai San Francisco Tomonkai 
Seattle Tomonkai Chicago Tomonkai 
Georgia Tomonkai New York Tomonkai 
Hawaii Tomonkai Boston Tomonkai
Michigan Tomonkai Los Angeles Tomonkai
Washington metropolitan Tomonkai
Toronto Tomonkai Vancouver Tomonkai 
Brazil Tomonkai Lima Tomonkai
Mexico Tomonkai Chile Tomonkai
Sydney Tomonkai  Perth Tomonkai
Melbourne Tomonkai 
Overseas Tomonkai Japanese Branches
Jakarta Tomonkai Alumni Association Singapore Tomonkai Japanese branch
Gaoxiong Tomonkai Alumni Association Tokyo Hong Kong Tomonkai
Beijing Tomonkai Tokyo Branch UK Tomonkai Tokyo Branch
Düsseldorf Tomonkai Tokyo Branch Paris Tomonkai Tokyo Branch
San Francisco Tomonkai Tokyo Branch New York Tomonkai Tokyo Branch
Los Angeles Tomonkai Japan Tokyo Brazil Tomonkai
Tokyo Melbourne Tomonkai Bangkok Tomonkai Japanese branch 

* Note that some Tomonkai may be inactive at the moment.