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Changes in Personal Information

Guide to new graduate

The Use of Waseda-net ID after Graduation (Important)

 Graduates can continuously use Waseda-net ID after graduation.
 You can use Waseda-net Mail as "forwarding function (plus sending function)", and Waseda-net Portal in the capacity of "alumni" for the entire lifetime. In addition, those who have paid their Alumni Association dues will be able to receive the bimonthly newsletter entitled "Waseda Gakuho".

You may move to a new address, and there will be changes in your phone numbers and other contact information. In order for the University and Alumni Association to be able to contact you and to ensure the availability and delivery of services, we ask that all Waseda Alumni maintain up-to-date contact information and set the forwarding function of Waseda-net Mail through the Waseda-net Portal.

Graduates will be able to access the Waseda-net Portal in the capacity of alumni from the month following graduation: for March graduates this change will be effective in April; and for September graduates, this will be in October.

• Those who will NOT be enrolled in Waseda University after graduation/completion (e.g. getting a job.):
⇒ Please make sure to (1) confirm your contact information and (2) set the forwarding function of Waseda-net Mail.

• Those who will be enrolled in Waseda University after graduation/completion (e.g. proceed to Graduate School inside Waseda University.):
⇒ Please (1) confirm your contact information without fail.
Please note that you will also need to take procedures as a student of the new School.

Use of Waseda-net after Graduation by Waseda University IT Helpdesk

Things to Do (Important)

(1) Confirmation/Update of Your Contact Information
(in April (for March graduates); in October (for September graduates))

Log in to the Waseda-net Portal and check if your personal information is registered correctly.
*Please conduct this procedure even when your personal information is registered accurately. Click on [Confirm(Confirm)] at the bottom of the screen, and from the [Confirm] screen which follows, click on [Update(Update)].

  1. Go to the Waseda-net Portal page (https://my.waseda.jp/). Designate "Alumni" as your login category when you login.
  2. After entering the next screen, click on [My Profile] and [Edit] from the menu on the left side of the screen.
  3. From the [Edit] screen, enter the necessary changes to your contact information and confirm the accuracy of the changes. Click on [Confirm(Confirm)] at the bottom of the screen.
  4. From the [Confirm] screen which follows, click on [Update(Update)].

NOTE: The personal information update program is currently available only in Japanese.

(2)Set the Forwarding Function of Waseda-net Mail
(by June (for March graduates); by December (for September graduates))

From July (for March graduates)/ January (for September graduates), alumni can use Waseda-net Mail as "forwarded e-mail(with sending function)".
Please make sure to set the forwarding destination of your Waseda-net Mail by the end of June/December.

• Set the Forwarding Destination ... Please refer to this page (only in Japanese)
• Download the e-mail stored in the mail server
• Save your address book ... Use the Address Book Export function for the Web Mail system

Waseda University Alumni Association Information Security Policy

The Alumni Association, along with Waseda University, are both charged with managing the personal information of alumni, including full names, contact information such as addresses, and academic history data. This database of personal information is maintained under very rigorous security standards. The collection, storage, and usage of this personal information is protected by Waseda University's "Regulations Regarding the Protection of Personal Information" and the "Waseda University Information Security Policy."

Relive the Memories and Network with Fellow Alumni
Would you like to participate in Waseda University's Alumni Activities?

Alumni Association sponsors various events seeking to spur the formation of valuable people-to-people networks, beginning with the "Graduation Eve Celebration" on or around March 24, celebrating the entrance of the recent Waseda graduates into the outside world; the annual Tomon-sai (Tomon Festival) marking Waseda University's Founding Day on the Sunday nearest the anniversary of the University's founding; and the Five-year Class Reunion, among other events. We invite you to join us. For event information and other details, please refer to the Alumni's Web page, or the Waseda-net Portal.