Waseda Alumni

Changes in Personal Information

Changes in Personal Information

Procedures for address and name change

Personal data such as student ID number or address of Alumni which were provided to Waseda University are shared with the Waseda University Alumni Association (WUAA, Waseda University President in charge) in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Law.

For New Graduates,
Please make sure to confirm your personal information online. For details, please refer to this page.

Procedures for address, phone number, occupation/school changes

1. Using Waseda-net Portal
You can check and/or update your information stored in the database through Waseda-net Portal. You need your Waseda-net ID to do so. Please note that it may take a few days for the change to be reflected on the database.
2. Using application form
Please fill out the following application form and press the submit button.

Procedures for name change

  1. Notification of renaming (Japanese version only)
    [ PDF-style Notification of renaming ]
    [ MS Word-style Notification of renaming ]
  2. A photocopy of one of the following: driver's license, passport, health insurance card, or basic resident register card('Juki Card')
  3. A photocopy of the abstract of your family register('Koseki Shohon') (only required when you change your first name)
In principle, certificates and transcripts are issued under the name on the school register. Changes of names are not accepted even if you submit notification form of renaming.
However, in such cases as naturalization, please consult with the department or graduate course that you graduated from.
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